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I'm a 30-ish computer professional with no redeeming features except that I have a really cool girlfriend. She runs this cool web-site that I once wrote something for. Maybe you've heard of her....

Andrea Evans

Andrea Evans is an Aussie who's just recently joined the brain drain and emigrated to the US. Andrea holds a Ph.D in psychology and has conducted research which involved sticking electrodes on people's faces and recording their eye movements. ...Frightening, isn't it?

Darth Grey

DarthGrey is another Early-Mid-30's-ish woman with a Liberal Arts degree and a job in the Technology industry. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with two cats and too many kitchen gizmos. She is still digging sequins out of her carpet from her last active venture into fandom back in the first Bush administration...the horror, the horror...hence the trepidation with which she pokes her head back out. Most recent accomplishment: earning the title Darth Won Ben Stein's Money. This is her first stab at fanfic.

Darth Landry

After 10 years in the software business, a mild-mannered technical writer succumbed to the dark side of the Force and became Darth J. Landry. An avid watcher of Federal politics and a Florida Democrat, Darth enjoys frequent opportunities for rage-honing. Darth's lifelong dream is to ditch everything, run away with Darth Polly (dark Dog of the Sith), and join the circus.

Darth Tan-je the Neverhoodian

Intelligent high school senior looking to break free from the controlled learning environment and indulge myself in high quality art college education. Ah yes, the artist, you will soon see. I love everything art, which includes techno and classical music, cartooning, and of course writing fantasy/sci-fi stories. My room is plastered in Darth Maul paraphernalia as well as my paintings and sculptures. Not to mention my desk and two bookcases overflowing with my own stories as well as other books, some of which I haven't had the pleasure of reading yet. I've got a dog named Chelsie that must have been reincarnated from a human. She is my inspiration for my cartoons...if you would like to visit my site of mayhem, please do! It's badly in need of an update, so please don't laugh.

Darth Wookiee

I'm a sysadmin, currently in London, and I don't write slash, as is obvious from the story I submitted... I'm a unix geek and a very sad individual, really. Anyone interested can pop along to my website - somehow it ended up rather MUD like, for various reasons, but there's the odd bit of useful stuff, like an interface to Project Gutenberg, hidden in there.


Galadriel is a twenty-something English major who began her descent into fandom's depths over a decade ago with The Lord of The Rings. Solitary worship of Tolkien lead to a more social obsession with anime and, much to her surprise, TPM pulled her firmly into the slash community. She is an active member of Anime Alberta and is happily owned by her dog. Her SA story was her first completed fanfic. The older her stories get, the more embarrassed she is to look at them. Galadriel compulsively bangs her head against the brick wall known as grad school. At heart she's an academic with grand plans to claim convention costs as "research expenses." She claims to be a Rogue Jedi Knight, but she says a lot of things. I wouldn't necessarily believe her.

Intrepid Housemate/Condo-Owning MelissaTM

Melissa and her neurotic hamster, Penfold, inhabit a condo in the Boston area. As a teenager, Melissa wrote fanfic and filks before she ever discovered fandom and found out that other people do the same thing! Despite this auspicious start, she did not really write much worthwhile fanfic beyond a couple of "Blake's 7" stories until that fateful day when Siubhan, the brownie, and the dead air conditioner intersected to give birth to the Sith Academy. When she's not busy procrastinating finishing up the half-completed stories on her computer, Melissa produces web sites for a publishing company and watches too much television. She is a lapsed SCAdian, an occasional Malkavian, and living proof that wearing a Dr. Who T-shirt can lead to unexpected consequences.

jedimom is a neurotic housewife and mother of three aspiring actors/writers/world dictators (they're still trying to make up their minds). As of the release date of "The Phantom Menace" she still didn't know what slash was. This proves that she is, even at her advanced age, a quick study. She is fond of obscure literary references, overly symbolic imagery, and adverbs, though she's getting expert help with that last part. She and her family reside in Athens, Georgia, USA, home of the Tree that Owns Itself and the world's only double-barreled cannon.

Joan the English Chick

Joan the English Chick, who has never been to England, holds a pair of useless liberal-arts degrees which did not in any way help her to obtain a lucrative position in the computer software industry. Her years at a college once called "the gay Mecca" by Newsweek did, however, enable her to see slash potential between almost any two same-sex characters in any movie or TV show, ever. She is therefore ideally suited to the Sith Academy, and when not writing slash for the SA or one of her many other fandoms, she enjoys hoarding chocolate, correcting the grammar of friends and strangers alike, and honing the rage of her own personal four-legged Apprentice.

Maya, the Mad Mambolica

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was teased horribly in the schoolyard. For many years she honed her rage, expressing it through her pictures and her writing, until one day, to her surprise, she discovered she'd become popular. It might have been the portfolio, the tail coat, or the top hat, but she likes to think it was her winning personality and exotic good looks. (And we let her think whatever she likes because she can be very scary.) All through her youth she adored Star Wars until it became a sick obsession. Then she found the Sith Academy where she immediately enroled in courses. Heck, it couldn't be worse than being an arts & science student at UofT, right? Right. Well, now she's 23 years old and her wild fantasy of being a brilliant academic has been put aside in order to persue a far more sithly existence as a video game artist... or *evil grin* perhaps film. And what does she have to say to those children who mocked her so many years ago? "I am hot shit."

The Plaid Adder

The Plaid Adder has been infesting the Internet since 1993, when she first appeared on STREK-L. Her first foray into fanfiction was Garak/Bashir, which is now archived in the eZine Strange Fits of Passion ( In 1996 Katherine the Art Chick helped her set up her own site, where she has been collecting her reviews, rants, ravings, parodies, and various other stuff. She is currently searching for a publisher for her original fantasy series Women On Fire. She lives deep in the frozen midwest with her wife of 12 years and their two cats.

Rachael Sabotini

As a consumer of zines, Rachael Sabotini fell into fandom in the mid 1980s, which eventually led her to dabble in writing--under a different name. She drifted out of fandom again in the early 1990s, owing to the birth of her son (she's much better now, thanks). In 1997, she became obsessed with Methos and Highlander, and got drawn into fandom again, learning all about email lists and how to post things on the net in the process. For money, she works part-time doing something with computers, but unfortunately, no stock options are involved.


Rebve hides out in Southern California as a graphic designer and didn't realize that what she'd done to Duran Duran in eighth grade was called "fan-fiction." Darth Maul captured her fancy on seeing TPM for the first time despite her best intentions not to like him, and then her sister Tzigana lured her to the dark side of the internet by showing her The Sith Academy. Writing these stories was a real hoot.

Red Sith

Red Sith wrote truly horrible Invaders fanfic as a child, much better X-Files fanfic years and years (and years) later, but Sith Academy was her first slash. She's married and has a teenage daughter who's been known to tell her to "quit writing smut and go to bed!" when her late night muse strikes. She watches too much tv, goes to a lot of movies, and has more books she wants to read than time to read. She's also extremely grateful to learn she's not the only author here with six cats.


I'm a grad student with six cats and a lot of books. When I grow up, I'm going to be a social worker.

Sith Lady

Sith Lady: Nancy Hubbs-Chang, currently residing somewhere in Southern California. Current hobbies include: reading, writing, fighting (in black armor!) in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and participating in online fan clubs (natch, but also including the Dragonriders of Pern-3rd Pass, which has a plethora of TPM-based characters...I have one Maul incarnation there). My record for repeated viewings of TPM is four in one day, making me a legend at my local theater. At Dragon*Con 2000, I won first prize at the Star Wars Costume Contest for Best Villain, going as a generic Sith Lord, but privately as Darth Maul's widow. ;->


Siubhan is a 30ish nerd living in the Boston area. In real life, she makes Web pages for a publishing company, and lives with a sysadmin and two cats, one of which was the inspiration for My Apprentice. In her spare time she watches a lot of television, writes too much fanfic, goes to science fiction conventions, and yaks on the Internet. She got her fandom start with Doctor Who, and her slash start with Blake's 7 (she ordered a gen smut zine and got an Avon/Vila instead). Plus she paid her fandom dues in Voyager fandom by contributing time, writing, editing, list administration, and cartoons to several official fan club news letters. There's gobs more tidbits about me at my Web page. Oh, and for those who keep asking, "Siubhan" doesn't really mean anything. It's just an old Celtic name I took as my SCA name many years ago.

Tenshi No Korin

Tenshi no Korin is a fanfic author and costume designer at-large. She enjoys playing video games, cheating to get to the plots thereof, and slashing the characters into next week with the help of her partner Joy. She would like you to visit her webpage and tell her how wonderful she is.

Tracy the Sith Vixen

Tracy Angelina, AKA 'Darth Shriek, the Sith Vixen' dwells in the Armpit of Hell(South Carolina) and busies herself with writing vampire tales, honing her rage in the music business, and attempting to soon launch a Shriekback Tribute website to honour her real life Sith idol Barry Andrews and his darkly delicious band. You can easily find her by following the sweet sound of grumbled expletives resulting from her frustration at furthering the careers of the likes of Britney Spears, O-Town, and NSUCK. She also aggressively hates flea markets, thus the inspiration for her SA tale of woe.


Tzigana is a 30-something computer programmer in the Midwest. An amateur jewelry crafter/bead collector, a part-time web designer, and a voracious reader with an irrational fear of boredom. Sith Academy is her first fan fiction. Corrupted her sister, rebve, with repeated notes saying "check out this Sith Academy page!" Tzigana is owned by a Sithly feline nicknamed "Darth Meow".

Wild Lokichild

Wild Lokichild, more often known as "The Brat" among online peers, is an infamous cheese enthusiast and the undisputed Champion of Hyperbole. She and her illustrious Master are currently suffering(?) through a long-distance relationship, and so they are forced to send their mind-whammies and Xmas presents through the mail. She has no business writing anything, really, but oh well...


Xochiquetzl is the Aztec Goddess of love and pleasure. Bored with Her lack of followers, She amuses Herself by writing smut. You can help! Send virgin sacrifices to

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