Sith Academy/Fanfic Glossary

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fan fiction/fanfic
fiction written by fans about characters created by someone else. Generally, fanfic is written about movie or television characters. Fanfic is never written for profit, only for the enjoyment of fellow fans. Copyright on the characters (and anything else borrowed) is owned by the originator (in the Sith Academy's case, by Lucasfilms).

same-gender affection/smut stories written about characters who are not in a same-gender relationship in canon (if they are, it's just gay/lesbian fic)

that which is sanctioned as being part of the storyline by The Powers That Be. Canon Sith Academy stories fit the storyline as it is currently written, and do not go back and rewrite history. They're also funny.

that which is not sanctioned as being part of the storyline by The Powers That Be. Non-Canon Sith Academy stories are stories that deviate radically from the current storyline and/or are very serious.

a fan publication, usually comprised of fanfic and possibly fan art.

Mary Sue
A story where the author has blatantly written herself in as a romantic foil for one (or more) of the characters. Yes, Darth Mary Sue is a parody of this. A good Mary Sue explanation page is: Self-Insertion and Mary-Sue-ism. A fun parody site is Whipple Power!.

something that grosses you out at a gut level, often sexual, but that you realize is not gross for everyone. Something that crosses your personal comfort levels.

alternate universe (which is a good description of the entire Sith Academy). For instance, a story where Maul doesn't die at the end of TPM.

"too much information." Almost always sexual.

Plot, what plot? A sex story, pure and simple.

Hurt/Comfort - One character tending to another's pain, often leading to sex

B&D, B/D, bd
Bondage and Domination - mind and control games, sometimes with humiliation involved. Fully consensual.

S&M, S/M, sm
Sadism and Masochism - involves actual pain and humiliation. Always consensual. If non-consensual, it's just sadism.


suitable for those 13 and up (sexual innuendo, swearing)

suitable for teenagers with parental approval (non-explicit sex)

adults only (explicit sex)

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