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(64 KB)
Like, hippie Qui-Gon, dude. Image courtesy of Platt.

(93 KB)
Image courtesy of RebVe.

(127 KB)
Image courtesy of Fi. Also check out her Sithmas Card (122 KB) and her Sith Ewoks (35 KB).

(61 KB)
Not Sith Academy, but still funny. Image courtesy of Brian Joeseph Mooso [no valid email address].

(16 KB)
It gets worse when you click on it. Image courtesy of Mollica Kaylar. She's also done a fairly horrific shot of Aerobic Palpatine with Kathy Lee Gifford (15 KB).

(22 KB)
Ben-Wa and Maul. Image courtesy of Auntie Krizu. She's also done an image of Yoda in drag (35 KB), a happy-go-lucky twit and a grumpy frustrated Sith (19 KB), a hysterical shot of male bonding (23 KB), Sith Do Not Cuddle (28 KB), Maul and Obi at the Highland Games (48 KB), Qui-Gon torture (61 KB), Sid goosing Qui-Gon (25 KB), and Hamster Death Gulps (32 KB).

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