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(64 KB)
Image courtesy of Nikku.

Inspired by the Sith Academy and Sith Park. Image courtesy of Jack.

(34 KB)
Inspired by the story Maulerella. Image courtesy of Becky. She's also drawn Freeze! (88 KB), Sith Tennis (54 KB), and an illustration for Sith Academy XXII.

(47 KB)
Little Maul, Little Obi, and a little Teddy who looks suspiciously like a bearded hippie freak. Image courtesy of Akane. She's also sent two other shot of the youngsters: Hug (72 KB), Angel/Demon babies (45 KB), and its followup (42 KB).

(39 KB)
An unexpected slumber party. Image courtesy of Darth Tan-je the Neverhoodian. She has also illustrated her story Maul's Nightly Stroll, and drawn a picture of My Apprentice pausing to think something over (64 KB).

(76 KB)
Image courtesy of Ivy. She's also drawn The Sith Academy Anniversary Poster (222 KB), The Force (107 KB), Obi-Wan in the tub (58 KB), the demise of Mister Fluffy (76 KB), My Apprentice licking her butt (90 KB), Obi-Wan as Mister December (207 KB), Pbbbthhhbth! (145 KB), and illustrated Sith Academy 13, Darth Maul Gets a Roommate, and Jedi Fairy Tales. (Insert deep breath). She's also sent in illustrations of The Seduction of Obi-Wan (73 KB), Maul and His Mommy (38 KB), and Superstar (89 KB). She's also done the first Sith Academy multi-page comic! Check out her 14-page rendition of Safety is a Jedi's First Responsibility.

Check out Ivy's paper dolls! Download and print out Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon (78 KB), and Sidious and Maul (79 KB) - Ivy says "It looks great printed out on 8" x 11" photo paper - glossy or non-glossy (it's a heavier card stock paper, so you won't have to glue the dolls to any card stock when you cut them out) on the best quality 720 dpi to 1440 dpi (recommended)." Then download some groovy clothes ("The clothing looks fine on standard 8" x 11" paper at 360 dpi to 720 dpi."): Obi-Wan page one (95 KB), Obi-Wan page two (82 KB), Qui-Gon page one (90 KB), Qui-Gon page two (90 KB), Palpatine page one (78 KB), Palpatine page two (79 KB), Maul page one (82 KB), and Maul page two (78 KB).

(51 KB)
Obi-Wan chugging a Guinness. Image courtesy of Kaiburr.

(51 KB)
Manga Maul. No, I can't find his mouth either. Image courtesy of Zeno.

(73 KB)
Image courtesy Mysterio Gal. She's also illustrated Life Lessons at the Sith Academy, Part IV, Darth Maul Flies the Unfriendly Skies, Darth Maul vs. the Spice Girls, and Why you should never neglect a hungry cat (68 KB).

(110 KB)
Image courtesy of Ann. She's also drawn Darth Lara Croft (64 KB), and Cyn, Grape, and Cherry (77 KB).

(28 KB)
Image courtesy of Em. She's also drawn another erotic picture of the boyz together (43 KB), done funny pics of Qui-Gon's new lover (44 KB) and Yoda shopping for lingerie (33 KB), plus illustrated A Wretched Dive, The Sith Academy Cheer, Palpatine with a regrettable makeover (50 KB), and a picture that X-Files fans will recognize, Lick (49 KB).

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