Master Yoda's List of the Galaxy's Major Hotties!
by Yoda
transcribed by Jedimom

7. Sam the Eagle. Under those feathers, completely naked he is. Need to say more, do I?
6. Chancellor Valorum. Until seen him in drag you have, lived you have not!
5. Ming the Merciless. With name like that, no introduction he needs, hmm?
4. Cookie Monster. Very oral he is. Swallow anything, he can. Change first letter of his name he had to, to work in children's television, hmm?
3. Blip. Persons with only one name, love you must! Look better in mask than Banderas, he does. A reason there is, why "monkey sex" it is called! And a definite asset the prehensile tail is, mmmm!
2. Rygel. For such a hottie, more than one name unnecessary is. A hookah like that must I get for myself. Find one at a good price, perhaps Master Qui-Gon can.
1. Morn. One name only he has. Sense a pattern, do you? Biker he resembles. Only hanging out in the wrong bar he is. Down to the Grey Side you must come, big boy!


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