Dear PlayBeing
by Yoda
transcribed by Tzigana

Dear PlayBeing,

Never thought I did that writing to you I would be.



I never thought I would be writing to you, but I just have to tell you about my experience.

I'm a professor at a large educational institution. Every day I see the young, beautiful pada...students go by, and I wish I wasn't an instructor. When they look at me they see their teacher, not the true, sexual being I am. I don't have to tell you this can be very frustrating.

The other night I had an idea - what if I dressed up like a student? Then I could mingle among them and maybe get myself some hot, student nookie.

I swiped some student robes from the laundry, cut a braid off my 'Heidi Does Hoboken' 12" action figure, and headed off to the student union.

It was wonderful! All the young ones wanted to meet me, talk with me, and dance with me. This one student, I'll call him "Ben", was especially attentive to me, and I could tell he was attracted to me. Underneath the table, I slipped my hand up his thigh and he didn't even object!

Later I asked "Ben" if we could go back to his place. He was really excited, but said he had to ask his instructor first. I was getting worried when he dragged me over to meet his instructor, but the teacher didn't recognize me. The older being was quite attractive also, and to my surprise, they offered to make it a threesome!

Soon we were back in their quarters, making hot, monkey-love all night long. It was the best night of my life! At one point there was some banging on the wall from next door, but we ignored it and eventually it stopped. I slipped out before my new lovers woke in the morning, and left them a note saying I would see them again sometime.

I'm going to have to try my student disguise again soon.


Happened exactly that way it did, yes.

Sincerely, The Master of Love

Note from D.M., Acting Editor, PlayBeing: PlayBeing makes no attempt to verify the veracity of these letters. Urrk.


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