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by jedimom

Posted 8/7/00

Editor's note: I wanted to thank Jedimom not only for writing this little piece, but also for letting me post it here. I think it's a nice segue between my first story and my second one. - Siubhan

Mystique closed her eyes and let the warm spray of the shower sheet over her face. Not bad, she thought. Anal sex wasn't her favorite, though she could of course adjust to avoid any discomfort. Still, it had been enjoyable enough. Besides, nobody could do for her what she could do for herself, not unless there was another shapeshifter out there somewhere. Well...Xavier perhaps. But he was hardly available.

The tongue had been fun, though. Definitely worth another try, she thought, and amused herself while she washed her hair by imagining other uses for it. He'd be fun to fuck in the shower--he could stick to the walls. Upside-down, even. She smiled.

Poor Toad. It's gotta be hard, not being able to camouflage. She remembered the stunned, incredulous look on his face as he'd climaxed, and smirked. It's nice to be appreciated, she thought smugly.

Appreciated for what she could do, at least. "I could fuck her and she could look like anybody!" seemed to be the automatic first reaction to her powers. Well, second reaction. After paranoia. But so far she hadn't encountered anyone whose wet dreams involved a blue scaly chick with yellow eyes. She shrugged and turned to rinse her hair and her back.

Then there had been the other look Toad had given her--when he'd asked her, begged her, to stay just a little longer, and she'd agreed. He'd looked so surprised. Like Charlie Brown discovering that Lucy wasn't going to snatch the football away at the last minute, after all. Poor thing. She had no trouble imagining what kind of experience made him expect to be mocked, taunted, spat on. She'd been there.

She turned off the water and reached for a towel. "Mortimer," she murmured experimentally. Not that bad a name after all.


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