The Sith Academy

Non-Canon Sith Academy Stories:

These are stories that, for various reasons, do not fit into Sith Academy canon, and yet were good enough that I decided they should be shared with the Sith Academy audience. The reason for them being non-canon is in parenthesis:

  1. Darth Maul Can't Get There from Here, by jedimom (death/pathos)
  2. Surprise Package, by Trin (pregnancy/species problems/continuity)
  3. Darth Maul Writes the Book of Love, by Maya the Mad Mambolica (romance)
  4. Darth Maul Steals a Kiss (Rated R), by Perilous (romance)
  5. That's All I Believe, by Jaden Knight (romance)
  6. Hell, by jedimom (serious pathos, wrong backstory, romance) - if you like this story, well, there used to be a whole series that followed it, and then a couple underaged readers ruined all that. Thanks a bunch for ignoring the age warnings, kids!
  7. When Worlds Collide, by ivy (Obi-Wan gets a clue)
  8. Jedi Mastercard, by S.B. (romancy)
  9. The Crocodile Hunter takes on Darth Maul, by o j (not really Sith Academy, but funny)
  10. Inner Dialogue, by Loden Taylor (non-fiction: one reader's inner dialogue upon discovering the first M/O story on the Sith Academy)
  11. Hereafter, by Padawan Zol-Tan (post-"A New Hope")
  12. Riding the Wheel of...What the Hell???, by Sioned (intersection with another fanfic universe)
  13. Darth Maul Catches a Break, by Serendous, rated NC-17 (PWP)
  14. Riding the Wheel of...What the Hell??? 2, by Sioned (intersection with another fanfic universe)
  15. Miserable, by Red Sith (vaguely serious)
  16. Sons of Beaches, by Andrea Evans (vaguely serious, inconsistent with backstory)

And if you like the idea of serious Maul/Obi-Wan stories, I've got a few on my fanfic page.

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